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Car Boot Sale

Indoor 'Car Boot' Sale

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Please join us for a Table Sale on Saturday 24th March between 10am and 12 noon in the large hall.  Entry is just 50p.

Tables must be pre-booked by speaking to Fiona Firth or texting / calling 07759 929172, and cost £10 each.  All takings are yours to keep!  Please remember that no tobacco, alcohol or electrical items should be sold.

Donations of home bakes, bric-a-brac and raffle prizes would be very welcome for the church stalls.

Our coffee shop will be open in the foyer between 9.30am and 12pm.

New Session 2017-2018

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Come and see what we do!

A warm invitation is extended to anyone in the parish to come along to Ferryhill Church Guild.  Membership is open to men and women, whether they are church members or not and they can come to as many or as few meetings as they wish. This year there is a varied and interesting programme of meetings and events planned. For example, there will be talks from Malawi Fruits, a Scottish based charity who support farmers to help them grow cash crops and for them to become independent and to maximise their income and provide for the education and healthcare needs of their families,  Energy Scotland, who  provide free impartial help and support for saving energy in the home and  Embrace the Middle East,  a Christian charity that is bringing lasting change to the Middle East through healthcare, education and community development projects. There will also be a film night (with popcorn, if last year is anything to go by), a talk about World War One and why it is still important to us and a visit from a representative of the roof garden project at ARI. So, something for everyone.


Membership costs £10 and there is a collection at every meeting; £1 donation is recommended.

For more information about Ferryhill Guild, please contact Diane on 01224 874199. For information regarding the 2017-2018 syllabus, click here.


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Our Lunch Club for the over 50s recommences on Tuesday 12 September at 12.30pm and will meet every Tuesday during school term-time. Come and join us for a delicious hot lunch (£4 per person) and a chat in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere any Tuesday you fancy. Booking is not required.

We are always looking for helpers. If you can spare a few hours every month to assist please do get in touch. For further information on helping or coming along for lunch , please contact the Church Office on 01224 213093.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Bakes and Books Sale

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We will be holding a mini Bakes and Books Sale on Saturday 13 September from 10 a.m. - 12 noon in the Hall. Proceeds will go to our Chigodi Fund. Donations are requested of home baking, preserves, sweets etc. but please, no books as we already have a large stock. 

To learn more about Chigodi, our partner church in Malawi, click here.

Ferryhill Church Coffee Shop

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The coffee shop at Ferryhill Parish Church is now open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, from 9.30 am till 1200 pm, (breakfast is served between 9.30 am and 11.40 am).

The coffee shop has a new menu,(see below), which includes both a 'Wee' breakfast at £7.00 or a 'Big' breakfast at £8.00, both offer good value as the price includes toast and a hot or cold drink of your choice.

So, if you fancy having a delicious freshly prepared breakfast, please drop by between 9.30 am and 11.40 am.

On Saturdays we offer a variety of hot breakfast rolls along with a fresh bakery box and a selection of pancakes and butteries, etc.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We have also introduced a loyalty card scheme, when you buy 10 drinks you get the next one free.

A takeway menu is also available on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We also have a gluten free, a children's and vegan menu available.

The coffee shop also sells a variety of handcrafted cards and gift cards , as well as pre-loved books.

So if you are passing by, pop in, we'd love to see you!




Coffeshop Menu

Breakfast rolls £2.60

Black pudding, lorne sausage, bacon, egg - Additional item 60p

Porridge £1.50 -  Add raisins or banana 60p

Large pancake & mapel syrup £1.80 - Add bacon (2 slices) £1.20

Buttery (hot or Cold) £1.60

Large pancake (hot or cold) £1.60

Small pancake (hot or cold) £1.20

Toasted tea cake      £1.60

Fruit toast (2 slices)  £1.70

Hot croissant  £1.70

All served with butter, jam, marmalade or peanut butter

Hot Drinks


 Pot of breakfast tea  £1.70

Pot of Earl Grey/Green  £1.80

Pot of Fruit tea  £1.80

Please ask server for out selection


Americano, Flat White  £2.40

Cappuccino., Latte  £2.40

All tea and coffee available decaffeinated

Hot Chocolate  £1.70

Add mini marshmallows  50p

Cold Drinks

Bottle of water  £1.00

Can of juice   £1.30 (coke, Irn-Bru, Lemonade, Tango Orange)

All available in diet

Carton apple or orange juice  £1.00

Squash ( orange or blackcurrent)  50p

Large glass of milk  80p 

Small glass of milk  60p








Our Mission, Faith and Beliefs

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A Kirk For AllVision Statement

The Kirk Session in May 2017 adopted this three-fold vision for the congregation:

Who are we?

We are a worshipping community of faith,
inviting and encouraging all,
seeking to learn and live the way of Jesus,
developing our experience of faithful living
and humbly offering our service to God’s world.

What do we offer?

We offer a community which is open to all,
valuing and welcoming diversity,
celebrating each person’s uniqueness,
recognising the uncertainty of life’s journey
and offering a safe place
in which questions can be expressed.

What are we doing?

We are striving to be a loving and gracious community,
working together to build relationships
of inclusion and acceptance,
of care and concern,
of friendship and support,
and participating in God’s mission
in Ferryhill and across God’s world.

Ferryhill Parish Church

Ferryhill Parish Church is part of the national Church of Scotland which acknowledges its distinctive call and duty to bring the ordinances of religion to the people of every parish of Scotland through a territorial ministry. The Parish of Ferryhill has a population of between five and six thousand people. The number on the roll of communicants (often referred to as the congregation) is around 450.

Communion Table

Services of worship are open to all. The Church of Scotland also applies an open table policy to services of Holy Communion in that they are open to those who are not communicant members of the congregation. It is also possible for children to participate fully in services of Holy Communion.    

The Church of Scotland is Presbyterian which means that its affairs are administered by a hierarchy of church courts the senior of which is the General Assembly. At Parish level, the Kirk Session, made up of the parish minister and all the elders, administers the affairs of the congregation and parish. Elders are elected and ordained for life. Parishes are grouped into a Presbytery whose membership consists of all the ministers and deacons together with an equal number of elders. The General Assembly also has parity between ministerial and diaconal members and elders. Ferryhill Parish Church also has a Congregational Board which looks after the finances and property.  

The Parish Minister

A Parish Minister does not serve only those who are members of a congregation but all who live in the parish and who seek the services provided by the Church, for example, Holy Baptism (administered at any age) , Marriage and funeral services. Anyone wishing information about Holy Baptism being married in Church or becoming a member of the congregation should contact the church.


In the Church of Scotland there are a number of Statements of Faith or Creeds used from ancient forms like the Nicene Creed to more modern statements. We recognise that no such statement can fully contain all of what faith means to us as individuals or as a community, but we nonetheless recognise the importance of sharing together some of our core beliefs. 

The following Statement of Christian Faith was agreed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1992.

A Statement of Christian Faith

We believe in one God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
God is love.

We praise God the Father:
who created the universe and keeps it in being.
He has made us his sons and daughters
to share his joy,
living together in justice and peace,
caring for his world and for each other.

We proclaim Jesus Christ, God the Son:
born of Mary,
by the power of the Holy Spirit,
he became one of us,
sharing our life and our death.
He made known God’s compassion and mercy,
giving hope and declaring forgiveness of sin,
offering healing and wholeness for all.
By his death on the cross and by his resurrection,
he has triumphed over evil.
Jesus is Lord of life and of all creation.

We trust God the Holy Spirit:
who unites us to Christ
and gives life to the Church;
who brings us to repentance
and assures us of forgiveness.
The Spirit guides us in our understanding of the bible,
renews us in the sacraments,
and calls us to serve God in the world.

We rejoice in the gift of eternal life:
we have sure and certain hope
of resurrection through Christ,
and we look for his coming again
to judge the world.
Then all things will be made new;
and creation will rejoice in worshipping the Father,
through the Son,
in the power of the Spirit,
one God, blessed for ever. Amen.

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Ferryhill Parish Church
Fonthill Road
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