Ferryhill Church Coffee Shop

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The coffee shop at Ferryhill Parish Church is now open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, from 9.30 am till 1200 pm, (breakfast is served between 9.30 am and 11.40 am).

The coffee shop has a new menu,(see below), which includes both a 'Wee' breakfast at £7.00 or a 'Big' breakfast at £8.00, both offer good value as the price includes toast and a hot or cold drink of your choice.

So, if you fancy having a delicious freshly prepared breakfast, please drop by between 9.30 am and 11.40 am.

On Saturdays we offer a variety of hot breakfast rolls along with a fresh bakery box and a selection of pancakes and butteries, etc.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We have also introduced a loyalty card scheme, when you buy 10 drinks you get the next one free.

A takeway menu is also available on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

(last cooked order taken at 11.40 a.m.)

We also have a gluten free, a children's and vegan menu available.

The coffee shop also sells a variety of handcrafted cards and gift cards , as well as pre-loved books.

So if you are passing by, pop in, we'd love to see you!




Coffeshop Menu

Breakfast rolls £2.60

Black pudding, lorne sausage, bacon, egg - Additional item 60p

Porridge £1.50 -  Add raisins or banana 60p

Large pancake & mapel syrup £1.80 - Add bacon (2 slices) £1.20

Buttery (hot or Cold) £1.60

Large pancake (hot or cold) £1.60

Small pancake (hot or cold) £1.20

Toasted tea cake      £1.60

Fruit toast (2 slices)  £1.70

Hot croissant  £1.70

All served with butter, jam, marmalade or peanut butter

Hot Drinks


 Pot of breakfast tea  £1.70

Pot of Earl Grey/Green  £1.80

Pot of Fruit tea  £1.80

Please ask server for out selection


Americano, Flat White  £2.40

Cappuccino., Latte  £2.40

All tea and coffee available decaffeinated

Hot Chocolate  £1.70

Add mini marshmallows  50p

Cold Drinks

Bottle of water  £1.00

Can of juice   £1.30 (coke, Irn-Bru, Lemonade, Tango Orange)

All available in diet

Carton apple or orange juice  £1.00

Squash ( orange or blackcurrent)  50p

Large glass of milk  80p 

Small glass of milk  60p