Christian Aid Week 2023

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Christian Aid Week - 14 - 20 May 2023

Christian Aid week is at its most powerful when a disaster happens.

Christian Aid week is held every year in May and we at Ferryhill have always responded with great generosity by donations of money through the Christian Aid envelopes. 

The people of Malawi are paying the price of this Global Crisis. The impact of the recent Cyclone Freddy in Malawi has seen devastating floods, have washed away crops, and over 500,000 people have been displaced and hundreds have lost their lives.

Food, fertiliser and school fees have doubled in price, in the last 12 months. And hard working farmers are seeing their harvests fail as the climate crisis brings increasingly erratic weather.

Through you, Christian Aid will be there long after the flood waters have  receded, helping familes build back. Your gifts this May could help farmers in Malawi plant better seeds, see a fairer price for crops and build happier futures for their children.

A single £10.00 donation could pay for a 2KG bag of Pigeon peas- a hardy drought-resistant crop.

Christian Aid won't stop until everyone has the chance to have a full life, free from poverty. They are united in the hope that with your help,  more young people will be able to transform their lives.

Envelopes for donationations to Christian Aid week, will be available at the Church on Sunday 14th and 21st of May. Or you can donate online to Christian aid via this link: Christian Aid.