Talking About Hope

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During February you are invited to join together online on Wednesday evenings to talk about some different themes related to helping each other get through this challenging time. This Wednesday we will be talking about how creativity and service can help us to find meaning in this time of difficulty. We will spend time reading about the gifts God has given us to be both creative and service oriented, and will pray together.

Join us on Wednesdays throughout February, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Meeting ID: 896 2040 5424
Passcode: 796895

You can also phone in to the gathering using this phone number 0131 460 1196.

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  • We were made in the image of a creator God and are filled with creative potential. Do you know that art and music therapies are ways that adults and children are helped through challenging times? God, who imagined the Milky Way, paints the sky at night, and cares for the snow drops and daffodils that bloom, has given each of us an ability to dream and create. It can sometimes feel silly when we are older to pick up a pen to draw, a crayon to color, or a paint brush to paint, but it can be relaxing. Have you ever tried it? That does not mean we need to create a masterpiece or have it look just “so”. Just having fun doing these things and designing shapes, coloring in a page, or putting whatever comes to mind on a blank slate can be a form of creativity we usually ignore. Listening to music or singing a song or playing an instrument we put down long ago can all boost our outlook on life and keep our minds engaged in positive ways.
  • Movement and writing are creative expressions as well. Do you love to dance when no one is looking? Do you enjoy walking and exercise? These are all ways we can express our creativity as well. It is important during this time in front of computer screens and Zoom calls that we keep moving. We all need the sunshine too! When you see it out, put down what you are doing and go to the window to enjoy it or take a walk if you are able. It will lighten the mood and help you to have more energy. Writing is also a great expression of our inner thoughts and a wonderful way to process what is going on inside of us. Write what is on your heart, pour out a prayer to God, ask your questions and share your doubts. Write a letter to someone you need to speak to and are afraid to do so. Maybe they have passed on and you keep thinking about them. You do not need to send the letter to have it be useful to you. Just getting out your emotions and feelings through writing can make a big difference! If you are struggling with grief, depression or any mental health worry, there are people who can help you who are just a phone call away. Phone one of your ministers or use the links listed below to find help lines where someone is always available to listen.
  • Serving others is also what we have been created to do. Jesus is continually telling his followers to care for people who are hurting, to go the extra mile and to go out of their way to be servants. He showed us his servant heart when he washed his disciples’ feet at the last supper, taking on the role of the least in the room. You might think how can I serve others when we are not supposed to leave home? There are many ways we can be a blessing to others, without ever stepping out of our door. Serving someone else gives our day meaning and helps us to see that God can use each of us despite our age, health, or ability. Start by thinking of small ways you can assist others. Make a phone call a week or every couple of days to someone you know is lonely or isolated and share a conversation. Write a note to a friend you have not seen in a while. Offer to take some groceries to someone who is shielding. Knit or crochet a handmade item for someone you know who needs some cheering up. We can all do little things to encourage one another and in so doing we will find encouragement to keep making it through this pandemic one step at a time.
  • Find meaning in this time of difficulty. We often want to know the reasons behind why certain events have unfolded. We are all on a quest for meaning and purpose in our life. Yet we often do not find solid answers and that can be frustrating. What we can do is learn from what is happening around us. We often fail to take the time to reflect on the life lessons that are unfolding and to consider how we can put what we have experienced into practice in the future. Why not use the extra time you have in these quiet days to seek the Lord’s wisdom for your life? What are you learning about yourself and others during this time? What have you seen as positive societal outcomes during this challenge and what have you felt were actions, we as a society, need to correct? We are living in unprecedented times. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to look back on your thoughts years from now and see what you have learned or to share them with future generations in your family? Try journaling, keeping notes in a diary or even drawing pictures and keeping newspaper clippings. There are many ways of telling the story!

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