Worship during the Coronavirus Restrictions

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As the Scottish Government moves us through the different phases of response to the pandemic, churches have the opportunity to reopen sanctuaries for public worship. We are working though the processes required in terms of risk assessments to reopen the sanctuary and now we are seeking some feedback from you on how we can best bring worship to you over the next months.
There are many things to consider as we put into effect physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning, and safety requirements as part of an ongoing Covid-19 Risk Assessment checklist. All of this means that public worship services at Ferryhill Church, when we do go ahead, will look and feel very different to what we’re all used to.
Over the next few months we intend to continue our online worship with a livestreamed 11 a.m. service each Sunday. However we are also considering opening the church, and are seeking some input from you on the form of the worship that we offer.
Clicking on this link will take you to a survey which asks a few questions about your thoughts and preferences for worship at the current time. This will help with our planning for the next few months.

*UPDATE* - the survey has now closed, thank you for your participation.