Summer Services

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Pilgrimage is a wonderful Christian tradition of travelling to places of worship. This summer we are going to share in a Summer Pilgrimage on Sunday mornings as we share in joint worship with our sisters and brothers in faith at South Holburn and St Mark's. Please do join the Sunday pilgrimage as we share with one another in worship and fellowship.

Sunday 3 and 10 July, 10:30 a.m. at South Holburn Parish Church, Holburn Street

Sunday 17 and 24 July, 11 a.m. at St Mark's Church, Rosemount Viaduct (parking at Denburn Car Park)

Sunday 31 July and 7 August, 11 a.m. at Ferryhill Parish Church, Fonthill Road

Repurpose Your Recycling!

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For this year's Summer Club we are looking for a variety of items that you might otherwise throw into the recycling bin! These will be repurposed to create some amazing craft items.

Please keep them aside and bring along to the church either at worship at the end of the month or at the Coffee Shop which will continue throughout the summer on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. There is a big box in the atrium at the church for all the bits and bobs.

We need:

  • Plastic bottles (1 litre)
  • Milk bottles (1 and 2 litre)
  • Bubble wrap sheets
  • Clear fruit trays and shallow containers (such as cream cheese tubs)
  • Muller Corners plastic tubs
  • Food carry-out plastic trays with their lids

Amazingly, this year, no toilet roll tubes!

Thank you!

Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea

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To mark the Platinum Jubilee for Her Majesty The Queen, the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service, we hosted an Afternoon Tea in the Foyer at Ferryhill Parish Church on Friday 3 June. It was a lovely afternoon and thank you to everyone who made it happen, planning the decorations, baking the treats, serving and creating a lovely atmosphere.

Note that during this weekend there is The Queen's Jubilee Family Picnic planned for Sunday 5 June in Duthie Park from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., hosted by the Lord Provost. This is a free to attend family picnic with live music from the bandstand, children's entertainment, and sports activities. You will need to bring your own picnic, though the Duthie Park Café will be open and can provide take-away afternoon teas.


Update On Future Plans

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Please do watch the update from Ministers and Interim Moderators of all the congregations in our future grouping above.

Advent/Christmas Charities 2021

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Each year a local and an international Charity are chosen for Advent/Christmas. The special collections in church this Christmas will go to support these charities. We would ordinarily have taken collections at the Christingle and Watchnight services, but as these are now online only that is not possible. You can still donate in-person if attending the 10:30 a.m. Christmas Day service at South Holburn Parish Church.

Note that direct donations can be made via the Rehoboth website, but that is not possible for the Living Well Project. For the latter you could write a cheque and send to the address on their website, or pop the donation you intended to make in an envelope, marking it clearly, and hang on to it until we are back to in-person worship when we will gladly receive those donations.

The Living Well Project

This charity aims to improve the physical, emotional and social wellbeing for those who are socially isolated and also for those living with dementia and their carers. The cafes have operated successfully in four Church of Scotland churches - Oldmachar, Newhills, High Hilton and here in Ferryhill. They have provided a safe, welcoming environment, a place of fun, entertainment and information about other services for those with dementia and/or memory loss.


Rehoboth cares for and supports the needs of children and young people in the Philippines. The charity was set up in 1981 by Connie Andrews (from Aberdeen) and her husband Vernon who established in partnership with Pastor Juanito Luzano and his wife Ledobina, the first house parents. Since then Rehoboth Children's Home has provided residential care to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected and who are at risk in the community. The Residential Accommodation for children is in Santa Maria in The Philippines. They also support the children through the Rehoboth Educational Assistance Programme (REAP).

Virtual Christmas Fair

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Welcome to our Virtual Christmas Fair!

Here you will find the various items that are available listed with images, descriptions and cost. We have let you know how many of each item is available and this will be updated daily as orders are received.


Please contact Fiona Firth with your orders using the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Payment can be made on pick up either by cash, cheque (payable to Ferryhill Parish Church), or with card payment. Please do describe the item you are ordering well (please use any descriptions in ALL CAPS when there are multiple variants).

Picking Up

Purchases can be picked up from the church on
Wednesday 8 December, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
Thursday 9 December, 2:30-4 p.m.
Monday 13 December, 6:30-8 p.m.
or by arrangement.

A massive thank you to all the amazingly creative folks who have contributed to our Virtual Christmas Fair.

Please click on for the full and extensive list of items available.

Virtual Christmas Fair 2021

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Following the great success of last year’s fair, and due to the continued COVID restrictions on the use of our Large Hall, we are going to hold this year’s Christmas Fair virtually. It will run for a week from Saturday 27th November 2021.
All items for sale will be photographed, listed and shown on the church website.
Orders can be placed by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be collected and paid for the following week. Orders will be dealt with in the order they are received, ie. first come, first served! 
Your fundraising team need your help and support by:
Donating items to be sold: Christmas crafts and gifts, preserves, sweets, fruit cakes (no fresh produce). A list of ingredients must be provided with the consumables. Please leave donations in the Atrium by 21st November or contact Fiona Firth with any queries.
Telling friends and neighbours about the Fair.
Going onto the website on 27th November and doing your Christmas Shopping!

Ferryhill Library Collection Service

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The library in Ferryhill has been closed during the pandemic for a long time, but service is starting to resume again. Note that there is now provision for a "Click and Collect" service or a "Phone and Collect" service. You can use a computer or phone to request a book and then go to collect it from the library.

Collection times are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

More information including phone number and a link to the Booking Page for "Click and Collect" are available here.

Please do support your local library!

Faith, Hope & Climate Change

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference is coming to Glasgow in November 2021. Already, world leaders are being challenged on the commitments they will make in The Glasgow Statement. 
Over seven evenings from 15 September to 27 October, we invite you to join with us online as we gather together for our planet, and together in our faith. We will join with Trinity College Glasgow’s weekly countdown to COP26, each session aiming to inspire an approach to climate change action within our wider communities.
The course will take place on Wednesday evenings, 7 - 9 p.m.; details on how to participate will be made available in due course.

Worship - August 2021

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We will be holding in-person services this month, commencing at 11 a.m. each Sunday. Capacity for worship has increased due to changes in the regulations, but you will still need to book places by calling the Church Office on 01224 213093, on a Wednesday afternoon (12 - 3 p.m.) or Friday morning (9 a.m. to 12 noon). The services will also be livestreamed as usual.

Wednesday and Saturday Mornings at the Coffee Shop

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The Coffee Shop is open each Wednesday and Saturday between 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon for sit-ins as well as takeaway. There is no need to book a table however you can do so on the day by phoning the church – 01224 213093 - from 8.45 a.m. onwards. You can also phone in your takeaway orders.

A new Coffee Shop menu is on offer with weekly specials, children’s snacks and drinks and vegan friendly options. On Wednesdays we serve a full breakfast which has proved very popular.

There are lots of extra items on sale such as fresh bakery products, wonderful tablet & fudge, face masks and handmade cards.

We accept cash or contactless card payments.

** New volunteers to help us would be appreciated! Please get in touch if you are available; you can help as little or as often as you can. **

Pushing Out The Boat

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Ferryhill Parish Church is pleased to be a distributor for the latest issue of Pushing Out the Boat, North-East Scotland's magazine of new writing and visual arts. Nurtured by a team substantially based in Ferryhill, this 16th issue of the magazine includes prose, poetry and art to delight and stimulate, and is available to purchase at the Coffee Shop or whenever the church is open. Only £5.99.

thumbnail POTB

The Brimmond Challenge

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The Living Well Project is a charity set up in 2010, with the aim of supporting isolated and vulnerable people in the community of North Aberdeen.

They offer a Befriending Service where volunteers are matched on a one-to-one basis, with an older person. They also run the Living Well Cafés which provide social support for those affected by memory loss and dementia, their families and carers. One of these Cafés is held at Ferryhill Church although is sadly not currently taking place due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As many of you may know, core funding for The Living Well Project was withdrawn from 31 March 2021. They are continuing to seek alternative sources of funding but meanwhile Linda and Jeanette have decided to embark upon a challenge to raise funds! 

The ladies, along with a team of Occupational Therapists from ARI, are planning to do a continual ‘dawn till dusk’ climb (well, 7 am till 7 pm!) up and down Brimmond Hill on Saturday 5 June and would so appreciate if you could lend your support to this worthwhile cause. 

They have set up a JustGiving page where you can pledge money to The Living Well Project.  Alternatively, you can donate in cash or by cheque if that’s easier for you. 

For more information about the challenge and the charity itself, please visit

Christian Aid Week

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This week is Christian Aid Week when we remember the work that Christian Aid is involved in throughout the year, giving thanks for that work and offering our support.

Pictured is Rose Katanu Jonathan whose story we will hear about on Sunday in the morning service. She says:

Because of climate change, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal like it used to be.

The focus for this year's Christian Aid Week is the climate crisis, recognising that it hurts us all. But people living in poverty fight the worst of it every day.

From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives. Extreme weather means people like Rose are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water.

Your gift could help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains do come, they will have the water they need to live. A reliable source of water will help families withstand long drought or relentless rainstorms.

Every gift. Every challenge can change lives. While we would ordinarily have a special collection this Sunday for Christian Aid, this year we would ask you to support Christian Aid directly using the link below:

Together we stop this climate crisis.

Kirk's Coffee Shop Reopening for Saturday Takeaways

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Apart from a brief time in December, the Coffee Shop at the church has sadly been closed for over a year as a result of the pandemic, however we are planning to reopen for take outs each Saturday from 10 April. If you fancy a bacon/egg roll, or a nice cup of coffee or tea to go, we’ll be happy to fulfil those orders.

We will be open between 9:30 a.m. and 12 noon and you can phone in your order on 01224 213093 between 9:00 and 11:30 a.m.

Payment can be made in cash or by contactless card payment when you pick up.

What is available?

Bacon Roll & Hot Drink

Egg Roll & Hot Drink

Bacon and Egg Roll & Hot Drink

Hot Drink
Options: Coffee (white, black, cappuccino, latte, with decaf option on all) or Tea

Soft Drinks (Diet Coke, Diet Lemonade, Orange Tango)

Searching For The Easter Story Family Packs

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Easter is going to be rather different again this year. To capture some of the excitement and fun of Easter morning, we have created packs that will be available for families to use to explore the Easter Story. These can be used at any time, but if you would like to join us with your own egg hunts on Easter morning then please join the Riverside Churches live streamed Easter Day service on Sunday 4 April at 11 a.m. when we will also be using our own pack. We can do the Easter Egg hunt together!

You can pick up the packs from the church on Wednesday 31 March at the same time that we will be having the Instant Neighbour Food dropoffs (1-2 and 7-8 p.m.) and also on Saturday 3 April between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.