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RESPECT Assembly 2012

The Calderside Chaplaincy Team ended another week with the S1 pupils at Calderside Academy on Friday. This was our third year of delivering the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. week as part of their Rights Respecting School programme. It was another excellent week, helping us to explore some of the rights and responsibilities with the S1 pupils that are foundational to good community living.

As in previous years the week consisted of workshops run by members of the chaplaincy team with numerous volunteers and visitors to assist, including sixth year pupils and then a final assembly on Friday morning in which presentations were made of what had happened in each of the workshops, including a song written by the pupils and the revealing of the huge banner that now adorns the street within the school - l;ooking fabulous as usual. 

This year the assembly was followed by a presentation by members of the Rights Respecting School Committee who introduced the new Vision and Values for Calderside Academy including a new School Charter. This was developed from the work undertaken by the members of the committee, which comprises pupils from each year group, members of staff at Calderside, the chaplaincy team and community police officer, over two days before the summer. Meeting in St Andrew's Church Centre over these two days the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child were explored and related to school life.

These were two intense, long days but the pupils worked brilliantly together and were strongly motivated to come up with a meaningful school charter and set of values that would guide both the pupils and adults working at Calderside Academy.

It was fabulous to see on Friday, after a whole week of thinking about Rights, the four further Rs of the new school values take shape, literally, in the four jigsaw pieces of the new logo that we had prepared together during those two intense days before the summer. Well done tech department at Calderside!

Calderside Values Logo

How can we carry out this vision?
  • We can be Respectful by being inclusive, honest, understanding, supportive, caring and treating others the way we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • We can be Responsible by keeping our promises, being accountable for our actions and choices, protecting the rights of others, staying safe and doing our best in the community.
  • We can be Reliable by being trustworthy, dependable, loyal and committed, both inside and outside the school.
  • We can be Resilient by being determined, ambitious and having the strength to overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

As ever, our thanks to everyone who volunteered their assistance in the workshops and to the teams from Livingstone Memorial, St Andrew's and Blantyre Old who prepared and served at the Cosy Café that ran each lunchtime.