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Faith In Politics

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Faith In Politics

The Joint Public Issues Team (which has representation from the Church of Scotland, Baptist Union, Methodist Church and United Reformed Church) has produced a helpful paper for approaching the 2017 General Election exploring many of the key issues which we all face in a rapidly changing political landscape.

It opens saying:

Does the prospect of the upcoming election fill you with excitement, or apathy? Or something in-between?

Every General Election presents an opportunity for citizens to participate critically and constructively in the democratic process. It may be a cliché to suggest that there has “never been so much at stake”, but there is an element of truth to this saying. We are living in an unprecedented political moment. There are many things that are uncertain about the future of our country, and this is an important opportunity for you to challenge and scrutinise the policies and rhetoric of politicians.

The briefing paper tries to be as straightforward as possible in laying out the key facts to help us make our own decisions.

You can download a copy here.