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A hymn for St Stephen

Written by Peter Johnston on .

We are thinking about the story of St Stephen (Acts 6-7), famously known as the first Christian martyr, this Sunday but when planning the service I could not find a hymn that specifically spoke about Stephen's story.

Here is my contribution for others to use if they wish. We will be singing it, appropriately enough, to the tune St Stephen.

The Seven Men, Respected All
Words: Peter Johnston
Tune: St Stephen (Newington) CH 686

1.  The seven men, respected all,
     were sent to serve the Lord;
     with blessing and the Spirit’s power
     their ministry outpoured.

2.  Amongst these men and strong of faith
    came Stephen, filled with grace.
    His love and care was known to them
    who saw in him God’s face.

3.  Through miracles and signs he worked         WOMEN
    to spread Good News to all;
    but questioned and maligned by some
    he faced his highest call.

4.  In Temple’s courts the high priest asked:    MEN
    “Is what they say the truth?”
    But Stephen’s face shone bright with light,
    his voice was raised anew.

5. “Listen to me!” he called aloud,
    and preached with holy fire.
    From Abraham to Moses he
    proclaimed God’s righteous ire:

6. “You stubborn people, deaf to truth.        WOMEN
    Why do you resist me?”
    And Stephen joined the ranks of those
    whose voices stilled must be.

7. “I see the Son of Man!” he cried,        MEN
    his eyes gazed heavenwards.
    The mob descended, stones flew down,
    yet grace was their reward.

8. Did Stephen know the price he’d pay,
    for living Jesus’ way?
    May we know Stephen’s courage strong:
    witness for God each day.

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