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EV Trekking

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Today I got a little ahead of my usual pattern and managed to get Sunday all organised. Tonight is the final presbytery meeting of the year, and I am hoping that it is not too long a meeting as I need to get an early night, for once!

It will be a very early start, hoping to leave around 6 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday 2 December) for a bit of a trek. I am heading back down to St Columba's Church of Scotland in London where I grew up, a place with many happy memories for me. They are having a special service on Thursday 3 December to mark the 60th Anniversary of the building. It was rebuilt after the Second World War, the original red brick building having been hit by incendiary bombs during the Blitz.

All very nice... but I have decided on a big experiment and I am going to drive down in my Renault Zoe electric car. As some of you will know, I am regularly down to the central belt of Scotland and that poses few problems. This is a bigger test and I am fascinated to see how it works. I am just about ready for the trip which will be a total of around 1,150 miles and will involve numerous stops along the way for me to recharge (hello caffeine!) and for Zoe to recharge (hello electrons!).

There are two reasons for wanting to do this. I am fascinated to see how well the charging network is operating across the whole length of the country to enable this kind of journey. I am also wanting to do this to show that this is entirely possible and getting easier all the time, knocking one of the big naysayer reasons for the adoption of much more efficient EVs: that they are only suitable as city cars.

Over the last two years I have been documenting my experiences of living with an electric vehicle through my YouTube channel here. This has been a record of what has been, and I will no doubt add to it after my journey. I have a wee following now who will demand this! But this time I will also be posting updates as I go. So... if you follow twitter you can follow my progress using #ALAevtrek. On facebook, you can do the same: #ALAevtrek.

My intention is to make it down to High Wycombe on Wednesday, then into London on Thursday and back to Aberdeen Thursday/Friday.

Wish me well...