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Behind the curtains...

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Wednesday: almost the mid point of this year's Summer Club for primary aged children at Ferryhill. We have based this year's theme around material that I have used in the past, but now six years ago. It is interesting revisiting it again and making tweaks to adapt and improve on it. We are focussing on Jesus' stories, his parables, and what they still mean for us today.

Last year we had a full on drama each morning with our Circus troupe, but this year we have gone for some puppetry with Katie and Callum (voiced and puppeted by Linda Kerr and myself). We are having great fun with this, though it is a full on workout for the shoulders doing the longer narratives with them.

Today we included a manic rendition of the children's song 'I've lost my sheep' as part of the lost sheep and lost coin parable introductions. It was a real laugh though also a good thing the children could not see the mayhem behind the stage curtains as I managed to rip my trousers moving around too quickly behind the scenes from my kneeling position at the front stage to the back stage, and as we desperately tried to affix a tea towel to Callum's head during one of the song's verses before the first chorus started that Callum was supposed to be singing as the shepherd. We did not manage to get the tea towel properly attached and during the chorus the teatowel went aflying hanging on to one ear by the sole safety pin that we had managed to attach during the verse break... it had seemed like such a good idea. What it did create, of course, was a huge number of laughs as the tea towel flapped around during the chorus!

I'm enjoying this week. The children are doing great, really engaging in the stories, songs, games and crafts. And the team are doing a fabulous job too. Listening to different people each week approach telling the parable's stories each day is great to hear. Kudos to everyone involved.