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Blogging Malawi Visit

Written by Peter Johnston on .

It is getting late on the night before I leave for Malawi. I am getting picked up by Margaret Mitchell who is also going on this trip at 9:30 a.m. Not long. But, believe it or not, I have both suitcases just about all packed. One is definitely complete and bang on the weight limit of 23 kg. The other is awaiting a few last minute items - I have just finished ironing a bunch of shirts... I know, ahead of putting them into a suitcase where they will get completely creased, but hey it made me feel virtuous.

For this trip I am planning, internet willing, to do something a bit different to record the trip in that I hope to live blog as a kind of diary of our time. To do this I am going to experiment with a new piece of tech called Microsoft Sway. I am thinking this may work better than trying to blog directly to the church website and organise images etc from Malawi. It also allows me to make something a bit more interesting and swish, in a modern cloud computing sort of way!

I have started my "Sway" already but it is embryonic at the moment. I will add to it as our trip continues, as I say, when I have the internet access to do so, so please do keep an eye on it. You can find my Malawi Visit 2015 Sway here.

Please keep the whole group in your prayers as we travel.