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We are back!

Written by Peter Johnston on .

It has been a long break since I was last able to add to my blog. Very frustrating those months have been for us as the website had to be taken down after some malicious folks had managed to embed some code that meant the site was being used to send out spam email. That is not the kind of "spreading the word" we are about! It meant the site had to be taken down until we could resolve the problem.

After some attempts to find the errant code, I decided it was best to bite the bullet and try a complete reinstall so that we start again with a completely clean site. Thankfully, with a few issues along the way and no doubt a few gremlins that will rear there heads from missing content files, we seem to be back in business.

I have had so many different things that have happened over the past months that at the time I kept thinking 'I wish I could add a blog post about that', so I hope to get back into some sharing of thoughts here.

Anyway, glad to be back! More to come...