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Sunday Club LifeStraws

Written by Peter Johnston on .

This Sunday our service for the end of session for the Sunday Club focussed on two of the projects that the children have been thinking about and working on. The first being their fundraising initiative to support the Aberdeen Presbytery LifeStraws Project. The children told us about what they had been doing to learn about the shortage of clean water in many parts of the world and how a simple filtration system like a LifeStraw can make all the different for a family. To check how the LifeStraw worked, the children tried it themselves. See the video below.

The children of the Sunday Club had raised £140, and with a retiring collection into a mega Smarties tube after the service today this total swelled to £365. This is a fantastic contribution to the £10,000 that has been raised by churches and friends of the project across Aberdeen. This will provide around 200 family LifeStraw filters for families in Malawi.

Well done everyone!

We also presented the beautiful mosaic cross that the children have created over the past five weeks from old tiles. They have done a superb job and we are looking for a prominent place to put this.