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Celebrating Creation

It was different this morning, but in a good way. During the service everyone had the opportunity, if they wished, to travel around the seven focal points we had created last night. At each people had the chance to reflect on that "day" of the Genesis 1 creation story and what aspect of creation was being celebrated, whether it was light, water, earth, seasons and time, birds and fish, animals or humanity.

Doing something like this is always a bit of a step into the unknown, but it was heartening to hear how many people had found the experience one that enabled them to feel more engaged and involved in the act of worship. That was the intent, so it was good to hear people had experienced it in that way.

I was asked afterwards whether the guidance sheets we used would be available. Click here to download them.

We will be making up a smaller display which we'll keep for the next weeks to remind us of this journey of celebration we undertook today.

This evening we have our evening service and we are going to go to the other extreme... still dealing with sevens, however. A look at the seven deadly sins as opposed to the seven days of creative goodness. It will be interesting!

Celebrating Creation 2