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Celebrating Creation

Written by Peter Johnston on .

In the service tomorrow we are focussing on the creation hymn found in Genesis 1, an outpouring of praise in thanks for all that we see around us in the universe and world. It would be hard to celebrate that by simply sitting in the pews... The story is one of action, creativity, movement, so we will be doing the same tomorrow as we explore the 'days of creation' from the first dawn onwards. 

The Worship Task Group and Sunday Club team were hard at work this afternoon after the wedding we had to prepare the church. It looks great and all is ready for the morning.

Thanks to Gwen, Hazel, Linda, Cecilia, Diane, Fiona, Ian and Billy for all the preparations.

We will also be singing a new hymn written by Diane Cumming for this Sunday. Words below the jump:

1. Behold the wonder of God’s world:
    transformed from turmoil, disarray,
    each living form he did create
    then in his image man portray.
    And evening past and morning came,
    his glory shone, his love imbued.
    He looked at all that he had made
    and then declared that it was good,
    and then declared that it was good.

2. He made us keepers of the earth.
    Entrusted us his work to do
    and for all time to serve and care,
    protect, rebuild, restore, renew.
    To live and love the way we’re meant
    all thanks and praise in Jesus’ name;
    fulfil our promise with intent,
    his land to cherish and sustain,
    his land to cherish and sustain.

3. He calls us to a life of faith
    and to reflect him in our lives,
    for all to live in harmony,
    a purpose each to realise.
    Compassion shown and truth pursued,
    encourage, strengthen and inspire,
    accomplish all he asks of us
    then all his hopes in us aspire,
    then all his hopes in us aspire.

Words: © 2014 Diane Cumming
Tune: Before The Throne Of God Above
by Vikki Cook (CH 466 or MP 975)
DLM extended