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Presbytery BookletIt's been a long but rewarding day.

In to the new church office in the morning to leave some work for Gill, our administrator. A brief blether with Rev Keith Ross as he picked up 1,000 booklets that were delivered yesterday for the presbytery meeting tonight - they arrived just in time. I'm very pleased with the quality of the print. The booklets have been  produced for presbytery showcasing all the various courses that the Adult Education Team running out of the committee I convene have available to congregations. I hope it brings some inspiration.

Then a very interesting conversation on the doorstep with two Jehovah Witnesses. Lovely women, but I found myself a little frustrated with all the talk about how the world is so terrible and how many people are scared of bringing up their children into this world. I just don't see it. I'm so excited by the prospects that my children have today, even if they don't realise just how good they have it.

My doorstep visitors wanted me to agree that the only way this world was going to get better was by what I can only describe as a full scale invasion by God and the overthrow of all human governance. When I asked how that would happen there was no answer, just that it would. It wasn't good enough for me, and I wonder what others would make of it? 

I asked if Jesus' warning that we shouldn't worry so much about looking for signs of the "end times" was to be taken seriously. While the answer was affirmative, the conversation soon veered back to the signs of the times. 

Funnily enough a lot was made of Noah's story. It made me smile inwardly as this was the running theme of the booklet Keith and I produced for presbytery. My visitors view was that God was on the tipping point of doing the same thing again. When I pointed out that surely the moral of the flood story was that violence is not an answer to your problems, hence God promising never again to do such a thing, I was told that God said he wouldn't destroy with water again. That rather missed the point in my eyes, but hey ho.

We also talked about the nature of the Lord's Prayer and doorstep evangelism, but I'll leave that for another time!

Anyway, my visitors backed down first and said they would have to agree to disagree with me which is fine, but I emphasised that we shared a love for God and a desire to follow Jesus and that common ground was important, even if we did not agree on the priorities of that mission.

That was followed by a return to Victoria Nursing Home for a service with the residents after quite a long gap due to the summer. It was nice to see everyone again and I shared one of Nick Fawcett's great reflections on the woman who reached out to touch the hem of Jesus' garment. I am listening to Faithless' song of that same name as I write - haunting and wonderful.

Website goes live!

After two weeks of learning how 'content management systems' work, and then building this new site, it was great to finally get it online this afternoon. If you are reading this, then you found it! There are still quite a few additions to make, but the site is getting there.

The day ended with Carolyn and I going separate ways while my sister babysat. Carolyn headed off to West Mains school for an open evening with Andrew's new teacher. It went well and Andrew is settling in well to his new routine - and loves the fact he gets a taxi ride to school each day! (As I said above, they just don't realise how good they have it!) And I headed off to presbytery where I was doing all the powerpoint. Everything went smoothly but the heaven's opened at the end of the meeting and I had brought no coat... 

Was God having the last laugh on my comments about Noah?