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God's own country

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Douglas Cemetery

A day of contrasts: a funeral in the morning and a wedding this afternoon.

The funeral took us down to Douglas in deepest Lanarkshire for the burial. On the way to the cemetery I was told that we had now entered "God's own country", and with the weather finally holding off for today (so far, anyway) it really was beautiful. Surrounding the cemetery are fields with sheep gently grazing. 

Not a great picture above, as I had to resort to the phone, but you will get the idea.

One of the strange things (among many) about being a minister is that you start to look at cemeteries in a different light. This one was immaculately kept and truly a peaceful place.

The wedding was joyous, and I am very glad for the couple that the weather was glorious sun. Every blessing to them for the future.

Carolyn is at work until tomorrow morning, so it is dad duties for the rest of the day though my mum and sis have been helping out all day with babysitting.

At some point this evening I want to watch the speech from the USA by Sarah Palin the Vice Presidential running mate with John McCain. An interesting choice... to say the least.