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Andrew on skidder

For Andrew's birthday today he received a "Skidder" - an almost recumbent trike with slick rear wheels so you can perform skids. This evening he was trying it out as the light went down. I was trying to get a good panning shot of him whizzing past but found when you are crouching down it is not easy. For a good panning shot you really need to be able to swivel around at the waist as the subject moves past you so that the subject is caught but with the background in blurred movement.  

I hope the above (one attempt from about 60!) catches something of the movement. There is something paradoxical about capturing movement in a still picture: the sense of action and animation caught frozen in time, a passing moment lost to the present and yet caught for eternity by the camera's lens.

Don't we all have moments of pure joy like the one captured above when we wish we could freeze the frame, dwell on the happiness and enjoy it to the full? And yet the moment passes as our lives continuously move onwards to the next thing, the next moment; whatever that may bring.