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Carberry Tower

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Carberry Tower

This is hard to believe, I know, for those of us living in the West but believe it or not on the East coast it is dry! I spent yesterday and today at a Ministries Council conference at Carberry Tower past Edinburgh and it was lovely. Back to the West and it is still raining!

I took this moody picture of Carberry from the walled gardens, though I confess there has been a wee bit of Photoshop trickery to bring out some definition in the sky...  

The conference was to train ministers to become supervisors for candidates in training. There was a good number of us there, about fifty, and it was a pleasure to catch up with old friends with whom I did my training and to meet new friends. Unsurprisingly a good number of us ended up at the local tavern for a wee liquid refreshment after a long day's work last night...

A special thanks to Graham Austin who has newly been inducted to Wishaw: St Mark's and who provided transport and a grill! Graham was previously minister up in Findochty which is a tiny wee fishing village on the North coast, but one Carolyn and I know quite well having taken numerous trips along that coast when we lived in Oldmeldrum. A small world it is.

The conference itself was interesting albeit most of what we learnt was common sense. Perhaps the most important part of the time was fully grasping the responsibility and privilege that comes with supervising a candidate in training for the ministry. My own experiences of being a candidate were all extremely rewarding and that undoubtedly has a positive impact on my own approach to the opportunity to work with someone as they complete their training for the ministry. I must admit that working together with someone as a team in ministry is something I always relish and enjoy. I just hope those who work with me find it as rewarding as I do.

I hadn't been to Carberry in years. It used to be run by the Church of Scotland but that is no longer the case. I think it is probably a lot more swish now, though the room I was staying in was tiny. The other noticeable thing was the surprising lack of salad and vegetables at meal times. So much for healthy eating!