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God is like a shepherd

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Sheep and lake

As part of our service this morning, which was focussed on Psalm 23, we created our own psalm. Reflecting how the psalmist usually recounted some of the challenges and difficulties faced in life (the dark valleys, the table surrounded by enemies to use the psalmist's imagery) we created a verse full of stories from the past week, both good and bad. We then created a verse with our hopes for the future. I say "we", when I mean our younger members who offered their contributions. I had pre-prepared a chorus to hang the verses on.

You never know how something like this is going to work, but it worked out great and we used our new song in the service. No time for fine tuning, just our collective thoughts and hopes, raw and unpolished. Perfect. You'll find it below:

God is like a shepherd
he knows just what to do
if we're feeling sad or lonely
and our days are really blue,
he will walk with us
through all our fears,
the laughter or the tears:
God is like a shepherd
he knows when to stay near.

1. I learnt about history
    though school really annoyed.
    I was in a play about Egypt
    though I bumped my knee at school.
    I got in a new pickup truck
    and fell over on my front
    I beat my local rivals 9-5
    but my team lost the game.

God is like a shepherd...

2. I hope for a good score in my biathlon
    and that my dance exams go well.
    I need courage for my English talk
    and my math test to be fine.
    I'm going back to football
    and I hope the sun will shine,
    school should be good, no maths,
    let's all have a good holiday!

God is like a shepherd...