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Thanking Tree

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Tree of Thanks

I seemed to have something relating to Ferryhill Primary almost every day this week. Just the way things work with both parental and chaplain responsibilities. At the school assembly on Thursday we spent some time creating a thanking tree gathering a selection of the pupils thoughts about what they would like to give thanks for on the leaves that we added to the spiral tree. We had quite a range of ideas from friends to X-boxes, valentine's day cards to gobstoppers.

Last Sunday we were thinking about favourite drinks in our Sunday service, as we remembered the thirsty moaning of the Hebrews in the wilderness journeying with Moses. We take the life-giving qualities of water far too much for granted in this country, which perhaps removes the need for a sense of thankfulness for that essential component to our healthy living. We didn't add water to our thanking tree at the Assembly, but it should be there.

Following that service, Diane Cumming shared a verse she wrote on life-giving water. Here it is.

Living Water

He calls to all of us one by one
He called to the fishermen James and John
Beside the water

He told us not to be afraid
To have faith and we would be saved
When he walked on water

He gave them fish and he gave them bread
He promised that th ehungry would always be fed
When he stood by the water

He gave his life for you and me
He cleansed the people and set them free
With living water