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Forever Young

Written by Peter Johnston on .

This afternoon after a morning and early afternoon in videoconference planning with fellow Bean Spillers meeting in Erskine Issue 12 of Spill the Beans I made a mad dash up to the church to join the Monday Fellowship where I was leading the entertainment. Recognising the recent death in January of the American folk legend, Pete Seeger, at the ripe old age of 94, we sang a number of his songs from the past 60+ years and I talked a little about his life.

We ended with my version of the beautiful Dylan song "Forever Young" that Pete Seeger covered for the album "Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honouring 50 Years of Amnesty International". I ended it as it seemed a perfect way to remember Seeger. His version includes children from a project, The Rivertown Kids, he was involved with in his later years wth school children with whom he wrote and performed songs. A brilliant experience for those 9-13 year olds who lived in the same town Seeger lived in New York state. They join him for this song, leading the singing, while Pete recites the lyrics. You can watch a short documentary about the making of this song here.

The album Pete Seeger wrote and performed with the Rivertown Kids, "Tomorrow's Children", won a grammy award in 2010 and is well worth a listen. The legacy of Seeger lives on. Forever Young.