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Our Vision Wordcloud

This morning in the service I mentioned the report released by the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland summarising some of the feedback they had gained from the 32 consultations they held across Scotland giving those who attended a chance to think about the future of the nation. It is a good report and well worth reading for the antidote to the current he said / she said accusatory tone and, frankly, scaremongering from both sides of the debate about independence.

The word cloud above is taken from the report and represents the frequency with which these values were mentioned by the 900 folks who attended the consultations in response to the question, "What values are most important to you for the Future of Scotland?" It makes for interesting reading. The report notes, as is obvious from the image, that the primary values people hold are relational, not personal. Food for thought.

You can read the full report here.