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Spill the Beans, Issue 46

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Spill the Beans Issue 46

The Spill the Beans Resource Team continues its alternative journey for 2022/23 using a new lectionary prepared by Ashley M Wilcox titled "The Women's Lectionary" . This new lectionary seeks to provide something of a rebalance to the usually androcentric approach we have to the Bible by deliberately focusing on bible passages about women and female imagery of God.

Not only are we using this new lectionary for the next year, but we are also deliberately trying to focus more on how we worship intergenerationally within our church contexts. That has shifted our thinking somewhat so that instead of defining materials by age groups rather we are organising by how we might use different resources to "tell the story", "explore the story", and "live the story". Youi will still find a range of materials and ideas, but we challenge you to think creatively about how you use it and to think more intergenerationally.

You will find more about this approach in the Introduction section of the issue. Any feedback you want to offer will be most welcome. This is easily done on the Facebook page/group.


Created by folks here in Scotland, this issue has lots of ideas and resources for you to inspire, adapt, use in your setting. If you have not used Spill the Beans before then please have a look at this sample.

If you'd like to download a full copy of Issue 46 for use in your church or personally, then click the 'Buy Now' button below. The cost is only £12 (GBP). You can make a secure payment via PayPal and then an email with secure link to the download should wing its way to you. Please note that you can only download the file using this link three times, so please make sure you save the file to your computer as soon as you have downloaded it. We recommend first downloading to a laptop or desktop computer before moving to phone/tablet.

Please follow the instructions carefully. The pdf file is approximately 6 MB so it may take a wee moment to download. Please be patient as your computer does so!

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You can also get involved in feedback and discussion on the Spill the Beans website, where we try to put up weekly PowerPoint backgrounds too. There is also a facebook page in which we share ideas and we have introduced a new Facebook group which you can link to from the facebook page and which we hope will provide a place of mutual support, ideas and encouragement as we trek together through this new adventure.

Print Copies

The office is open once more and can provide printed copies (within the United Kingdom) for an additional cost (usually around £20 + P&P depending on the size of the issue). Note that we recommend using the electronic version to reduce environmental waste.