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Almost ready to leave

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Just back from an excellent Joint Harvest Thanksgiving Service at South Holburn this morning. It was great to see everyone together and to witness some of the generosity shown through the Harvest Appeal.

I have a bit of final packing to do, making sure I have all the paperwork I need, and then I am off to the airport headed initially to Heathrow where I hope to meet up with some of the other folks going on the trip to South Africa. We are thereafter on a number of different flights to actually get to our final destination. It is a fair trek: Aberdeen to London to Doha to Johannesburg to Durban. I'll be arriving around 2:40 p.m. on Monday in Durban, if all goes according to plan...

I have some books, movies to watch, podcasts and music to listen to on the way. It would be great to have a kip on one of the long plane flights, but I won't hold my breath!

More here as the week unfolds.