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Family Worship for Maundy Thursday

Written by Peter Johnston on .

The resources for Maundy Thursday's ideas for worship at home have been prepared by Rev Roddy Hamilton from New Kilpatrick Parish Church, Bearsden. This is part of a continuing collaboration with Spill the Beans, Fischy Music and Rev Gayle Taylor to bring family-oriented worship resources to you for Holy Week.


Read together Mark chapter 14, verses 66 to 72 from your own Bible or you can use:

Peter was still in the courtyard when a servant girl of the high priest came there. She saw Peter warming himself at the fire. She looked closely at him.

Then the girl said, “You were with Jesus, that man from Nazareth.”

But Peter said that he was never with Jesus. He said, “I don’t know or understand what you are talking about.” Then Peter left and went toward the entrance of the courtyard.

The servant girl saw Peter there. Again she said to the people who were standing there, “This man is one of those who followed Jesus.” Again Peter said that it was not true.

A short time later, some people were standing near Peter. They said, “We know you are one of those who followed Jesus. You are from Galilee, too.”

Then Peter began to curse. He said, “I swear that I don’t know this man you’re talking about!”

As soon as Peter said this, the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered what Jesus had told him: “Before the rooster crows twice, you will say three times that you don’t know me.” Then Peter was very sad and began to cry.


It was late at night –
very late, and it was cold –
very cold.
So one of Jesus disciples – yes only one – 
waited outside in a courtyard
while inside Jesus was being questioned.

Peter didn’t know what was happening.
No one did but he just wanted to be there,
as close to his friend Jesus as he could be.

There was a campfire to gather around,
and a few people did, to keep warm, to talk together,
their faces lit orange by the flickering flames.

“I’ve seen you with him,”
someone said, almost a whisper beside him.

“No, you are mistaken,” said Peter,
and he moved around to the other side of the fire.

The person looked at him again over the flames.
“It is you! I’ve definitely seen you with him,” she said more loudly.
Others heard her and looked at Peter
who pulled his cloak around him to hide his face.

Then other joined in, “Yes, you are one of his disciples.
We’ve seen you with him. I recognise your face.”

“Nooooo!” shouted Peter,
but before the word was out a cockerel crowed
and Peter hung his head
as he remembered what Jesus said
about how he would deny him.
And Peter sunk down by the fire and began to weep.


Sing together or listen to Meekness and Majesty (CH4 356).

All-Age Prayer

When you invite us to follow
help us say, ‘yes’.

When we make mistakes
help us say, ‘sorry’.

When we get lost
help us find home.

When we’re asked who you are
help us say, ‘our friend’.

When you ask ‘are you mine?’
help us say, ‘Amen’.

Fischy Song / Activity

There must be so many things we have done that we are sorry for. I wonder how Peter felt when he denied Jesus as he stood by that fire. Take some paper, it could be newspaper or coloured paper and cut it into flame shapes. Write there some of the things you want to say sorry for. Depending on how many you cut, you could create a circle that reminds us of God’s love despite what we do that hurts others: a love that is eternal and holds us despite what we do.