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A Long Time Coming

Written by Peter Johnston on .

I have been waiting a long time to share with you some great news. A local musician and friend, Ean Jones, has released his debut album "A Long Time Coming" which has been some 20 months in the recording and production.

Ean has a wealth of experience in the music industry as a musician and manager of other artists, and it is a delight to hear his own music now available. The album draws on the story of Ean's life over these last few years which included the decision to stop drinking, a re-evaluation of life, and the unleashing of greater creativity. The songs are a wonderful tonic in these difficult times as they are filled with uplift and positivity.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that the fourth song on the album, 400 Steps, is written about Ferryhill Parish Church, some 400 steps from Ean's home.

400 steps
were all you ever were
away from me
my eyes were opened
but I couldn't see
no I couldn't see.
Your love was
waiting for me
just loving me
and now you have given me
a way of life
that is meant to be.

To hear the whole song and enjoy the album, highly recommended, please visit Ean's website, you can follow on Facebook, or listen via Spotify or Tidal, or purchase the album on iTunes music.

Well done, Ean!