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Not Regular Jesus

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Following my last lenghty blog post in which I spent a little of my time exploring how under the cover of a Christianism many in politics (and a good chunk of the church) are turning Jesus' teaching on its head, comes this new video released yesterday which does a pretty good job of summarising what I was talking about, but in a much more approachable and humorous way. Kudos to the Friend Dog Studios team.

And also, as I said right at the start of that long blog post: it is so hard to write anything that is not old and out-of-date within a day, sure enough after posting it we had huge news that Aaron Banks and the dubious origin of £8m spent on the Brexit campaign are to be investigated by the National Crime Agency, which does have powers commensurate with the suspected illegality. Here is Carole Cadwalladr on that subject. And the announcement here. A step closer to the truth, I pray.