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The Narrative Lectionary Overspill Pack

Written by Peter Johnston on .

Spill the Bean Overspill Pack for Narrative Lectionary

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From 2014 to 2018 the Spill the Beans Resource Team of which I am part as editor created resources covering a complete cycle of the Narrative Lectionary (created by Luther Seminary). Having completed that cycle, we felt it would be helpful if these were made available as a single pack.

These are presented as is, however, which does mean that if used in the future you may find, depending on when Easter falls, that there is a gap in the cycle. You have been warned! This was the same for the previous pack covering a cycle through the Revised Common Lectionary that we put together.

Nonetheless, we pray the shared creativity will stir your own creativity and that the Spirit of God would continue to bless these resources in your own situation and ministries.

Within this pack are more than 2,000 pages of resources. That is quite amazing. Each issue is provided as a separate pdf file. As a bonus from the previously available downloaded copies, all these are in glorious high quality rendering.

This is a massive pack (around 348 MB in size) so if you purchase a copy make sure to be patient as it downloads and to do that download on a laptop or desktop computer (not a phone or tablet). The file needs to be extracted once you have it on your computer.