Ministry Teams

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Following the decision of the congregation of Ferryhill Parish Church to adopt the Unitary Constitution, a new structure to enable that adoption was put in place, based around four new Ministry Teams. Much of the oversight of the work of the church has been devolved to these Teams which have a membership of both elders and members of the congregation and community.

The Ministry Teams meet regularly, record the business of their meetings and decisions taken and report to each Kirk Session meeting with the Coordinating Group ensuring good communication between the Teams.

The remits of each Ministry Team are detailed below. These will be regularly reviewed.

Worship Team

The remit for this team includes:

  • supporting and enabling worship within the congregation;
  • encouraging participation in worship services by church members and offering training to enable that participation;
  • ensuring worship services are offered to the local Care Homes within the parish;
  • encouraging new forms of worship as required;
  • ensuring that the resources for worship are appropriate and recommending new resources as required;
  • advising the Kirk Session on the appointment and conditions of service of a Musical Director;
  • developing special worship services with the Minister as required;
  • ensuring that crèche facilities during morning worship are available with appropriate liaison with the Safeguarding Coordinator;
  • encouraging musical involvement;
  • developing participation of children and youth in worship;
  • ensuring that the beadle’s responsibilities are effectively carried out in consultation with the Minister;
  • ensuring that the communion equipment is correctly maintained, replacements advised to Kirk Session, and communion arrangements are in place;
  • ensuring that communion invitation cards are available with the dates of communion services agreed by the Kirk Session at the May meeting;
  • liaising with Friendship Team over church flower displays for special occasions;
  • ensuring the various church copyright licenses are up-to-date;
  • ensuring the sound and vision equipment is suitable, in liaison with Stewardship Team;
  • ensuring that there are regular opportunities during worship to encourage the Twinning Partnership with Chigodi, responsibility to the World Church, and good stewardship (of money, time, talents and creation).

Discipleship Team

The remit for this team includes:

  • oversight of the Sunday Club and The Cosy House (Youth Group), including advising the Kirk Session on the appointment of leaders;
  • oversight of the Summer Club, including advising the Kirk Session on the appointment of leaders;
  • encouraging school chaplaincy and congregational involvement in supporting Ferryhill Primary School and Harlaw Academy;
  • ensuring that Safeguarding arrangements are in place by supporting the Safeguarding Coordinator;
  • providing learning opportunities and resources for the children’s, youth and adult work within the congregation and parish;
  • providing ways in which people can explore and deepen their faith;
  • helping members see the importance of the ‘spiritual’ in day to day life;
  • encouraging greater participation by members in church life and promoting spiritual growth;
  • ensuring, in co-operation with the Minister, that a regular Church Membership or Enquirer’s course is available;
  • supporting the development of a greater awareness of the wider implications of Christian faith, as it impacts justice and peace issues (for example, fair trade, world church, Christian Aid);
  • creating and maintaining a library of education resources available to the congregation;
  • lead involvement in stewardship programmes focused on the use of talents.

Friendship Team

The remit for this Team includes:

  • oversight of the Area Care Teams;
  • provision of pastoral care support for those in hospital;
  • provision of pastoral programmes and appropriate training as required;
  • providing a channel for dealing with matters of current social and neighbourhood concern, advising the Kirk Session as appropriate;
  • suggesting ways in which the Kirk Session and congregation can respond to needs within the parish;
  • assessing possible means by which to reach out to people within the community and build friendships (aware of the need for relationship-based mission);
  • communicating with outside bodies as appropriate (e.g., Ferryhill and Ruthrieston Community Council);
  • developing means by which to encourage relationships with neighbouring congregations;
  • providing opportunities for people to come together socially, including the Lunch Club, and other social events, and encouraging others to provides such opportunities;
  • providing opportunities for fellowship following morning worship;
  • organising the annual flower calendar and ensuring that there are flowers provided for the church sanctuary each Sunday;
  • coordinating the delivery of flowers following the service in consultation with the Minister;
  • maintaining a register of those willing to provide transport to the church, and making necessary arrangements as and when transport is required;
  • oversight of Parish News, ensuring it is regularly produced and supporting the editor;
  • oversight of the church website and Facebook pages, to ensure they are best being used to encourage good communication;
  • encouragement, support and oversight of the Traidcraft stall;
  • oversight of the Coffee Shop;
  • nurturing the friendship and partnerships between Ferryhill Parish Church and Chigodi Church in Malawi via the Twinning Agreement;
  • lead involvement in stewardship programmes focused on the use of our time.

Stewardship Team

The remit for this Team includes:

  • financial management within Ferryhill Parish Church;
  • supporting the Treasurer, Associate Treasurer, Offering and Gift Aid Treasurers;
  • organising and supporting the weekly count of the offerings;
  • ensuring that a regular account of income/expenditure is presented and any issues highlighted to the Kirk Session;
  • ensuring that all monies due by or to the church are paid and received timeously;
  • ensuring that insurance is appropriate and up to date;
  • ensuring that correct records are maintained for both financial and property matters;
  • promoting good stewardship (financial and of the environment);
  • bringing an Annual Report for submission to the Kirk Session for approval as per the church and OSCR regulations;
  • proposing to the Kirk Session the independent examiners for the Annual Report;
  • preparing an Annual Budget to be presented to the Kirk Session and Stated Annual Meeting;
  • responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church buildings and manse;
  • supporting the Property Convenor;
  • ensuring that the requirements of the Church of Scotland as they relate to the upkeep of property are followed;
  • ensuring that the property is fit for purpose and meets the needs of those using the buildings;
  • seeking approval from the Kirk Session for work that goes beyond the agreed annual budget for the Team;
  • considering changes to the church properties that would enhance their use, in consultation with other Teams;
  • ensuring all safety equipment and services (e.g. fire alarms, first aid) are in good order;
  • encouraging and enabling Ferryhill Parish Church to continue to care for creation as an Eco-Congregation;
  • liaising with the Worship and Discipleship Teams over how best to encourage people to think about their environmental impact;
  • maintaining the grounds around the church building, including the planters;
  • advising the Kirk Session on fundraising initiatives and developing such initiatives as required (including regular fundraising such as Chigodi Fund, Flower Fund);
  • oversight of the usage of the church premises by other organisations;
  • recommending to the Kirk Session hall letting charges annually;
  • maintain a register of keyholders, issuing keys as required;
  • organising cleaning of the church building, appointment of cleaner, supervision of cleaner’s duties, purchase of cleaning materials and equipment;
  • liaising with outside bodies as required (Church of Scotland, Presbytery of Aberdeen, outside contractors, architect, and so on);
  • ensuring that the ICT and AV equipment within the church is fit for use, replacing as required or providing new equipment in consultation with other Teams;
  • leading role in stewardship programmes focussed on money or creation.